Top 10 freelance skills of 2020

The year is 2020, and finally, freelancing is no longer the buffer period between job hunting.

Skilled employees have started to choose the flexibility and freedom associated with self-employment, and bigger companies have started to take notice of this.

An increasing number of companies are adding independent contractors and freelancers to their roster of employees in a bid to save resources by cutting down on operational costs. This strategy has become a mainstay for these companies to be competitive, especially during the pandemic.

Here are the top 10 freelance skills that employers are on the quest for:

1. Graphic design — Graphic design is a skill that has always thrived on freelancing and will continue to be a hugely attractive skill this year as the demand for websites and marketing collateral and product creation continues to gather pace. This is usually a skill that companies like to delegate to freelancers rather than hire someone.



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